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Welcome to the MCCQE Part I Forum! - Medical Exams Forum
Welcome to the MCCQE Part I Forum!
  • JoelJoel September 2010

    Feel free to post anything relating to the MCCQE Part I here.

  • oreekha October 2010

    can someone tell me the books or cd`s used for mccqe part 1 .i have listened about lectur cd`s what r these n how it can help me n from where i can get ,but do tell me books to be used for part1 n part 2 mccqe

  • Inas October 2010

    Please can any one help me to find out if there is any prep coerces for Mccee exam.?

  • 456456 November 2010

    Hi. can someone tell me , which book is more usefull for MCQ exam? for AUS

  • tafrin1 November 2010

    Hi, can someone tell me how can i collect questions of AMC mcq part 1 exam?

  • JoelJoel November 2010

    @456456 and @tafrin1 This thread is for the MCCQE! If you wish to discuss the AMC exam please look on the tool bar on the right side and click "AMC"


  • othman November 2010

    I need helping material for preparation of mccqe1

  • JoelJoel November 2010

    Hey @othman I would suggest chekcing out http://LMCCexams.com and trying the MCCQE practice exam packages they offer.



  • Done with EE now should prepare to QE 1...don't know what type of strategy should use: Q bank then Toronto notes...I have 6 months....

  • JoelJoel May 2011

    @soltunts13 - how did the EE go? What was the best source that you used? Did you use the http://LMCCexams.com exam bank?

    As for the QE1 - same strategy, read and questions both, TN is great for a general review.

  • Score for EE was 340...don't know actually how it was...I used both of the banks q bank and lmccexams.com....for 3 moths the first and for 2 months the second.

  • JoelJoel May 2011

    Thanks for the info!

  • dice May 2011

    can anyone tellme strategy for qe1 study n get best score........thx

  • soltunts13 June 2011

    Are there questions for MCCQE 1 the same like for EE except for CDM part?


  • can you till me plz how many questions and CDM for MCCQE1 does LMCCexams contain?

  • JoelJoel July 2011

    @butterflyboy - the exam bank has 4000+ questions and 128 CDM cases each with 4-5 questions. The explanations are very in-depth and give reasoning behind the right and wrong answers. See the free samples. Good luck!

  • fadek01 August 2011

    I have a concern about one of the questions on spousal abuse in which the woman in question did not give consent for the issue to be reported,but the answer states that the law requires that it be reported.I think that does not follow what i read in Conrad Fischer and doing it right.Please can you address this?

  • fadek01 August 2011

    There also seems to be a lot of reference to the US.I was hoping for the Canadian view for most situations.What do you think guys?

  • JoelJoel August 2011

    HI, there are some situations where there isn't a Canadian reference as there isn't much published on some topics so we refer the US as they are similar. "Doing it right" is from 1996 and very outdated, most Canadian medical schools don't even refer to it anymore and we try not using it. Some of the situations are very tough to find the right answers for but we do our best with the references provided.

  • fadek01 August 2011

    Hi,i would also like to call your attention to what might be a ''typo''.In your tables for 8cancer chemotherapy drugs and their mechanism of action,5FU is stated to be ''not S-phase specific'' whereas in the explanation,you mention that it is in fact S-phase specific.Comments?

  • fadek01 August 2011

    Hi Joel,
    Please do you know what is used in Canadian med schools then?This might be a helpful guide.I have the latest Conrad Fischer for 2011,and it still suggests that if the woman does not give her consent,''offer counselling'' and ''advise her to report''.This of course is the USMLE ethical guideline,hence,is it correct to say that in Canada ,it is the law to report these cases?

  • JoelJoel August 2011

    HI, regarding the chemotherapy questions, 5-FU is an antimetabolite and is an inhibitor of pyrimidine synthesis by inhibiting thymidylate synthetase and so it is S-phase specific, this is a typo and we will fix it. Thanks for letting us know.

    As for your ethical question, will have to get it reviewed again but your thoughts are reasonable and yes the USMLE manual is a good resource. In the medical schools, there is a course offered as part of the first 2 years and they are class notes, most don't use a specific text from our understanding. Our editors are 5-8 years out of medical school so things may have changes. We will inquire.

  • fadek01 August 2011

    Thanks a lot Joel!Is it possible to get these notes or find them online?

  • JoelJoel August 2011

    Will see if I can track some down but might be difficult. Talk to you soon.

  • fadek01 August 2011

    Thanks Joel!!!I appreciate the effort!

  • Shaee September 2011

    hi! i need a study partner for mccqe 1 spring 2012. i m living in victoria,bc

  • param October 2011

    Hi Shaee
    I live in victoria too. I'm still waiting for my mccee result.

  • humera October 2011

    tell me its passing score

  • Peaceangel November 2011

    Hi Joel,I need to know the difference between the LMCC questions and that of Canada Q Bank if you have an idea about that...

  • Peaceangel November 2011

    Hi Joel,

    Does the LMCC questions have an App. For Iphone? In other words, Can I receive and answer the LMCc questions on my Iphone??
    Best Regards.

  • JoelJoel November 2011

    @Peaceangel - the LMCCexams.com question bank is professionally prepared by academic Canadian physicians and they cover the core topics for the exam. The explanations were all carefully prepared to teach you core material. The quality of our exam bank is similar to kaplan and cqb is much inferior to most products out there.

    Regarding the app, we don't have one!

  • Peaceangel November 2011

    Thank you Joel ... I wish that youwork to introduce an app. For the iphone and ipad to be able to receive your questions on our devices as Canada Q Bank does....

  • Peaceangel November 2011

    Hi Joel,
    I'm going to purchase the 5- month subscription category of QE1but I need to know on answering the questions,can I choose to work on, for instance, the cardiology questions only at one time ,dermatology only at another time,...and so on,,?
    Waiting for your reply..

  • JoelJoel November 2011

    @Peaceangel - yes, you have 40 topics to choose from including all of the internal medicine/pediatric/surgical specialties and many more. Good luck!

  • Enam January 2012

    hi every1.... i live in Mississauga near Toronto Ontario and I'm looking for a study group or partner. Im preparing for the exam in May 2012. Can any1 help me?

  • yousef February 2012

    I am also preparing for mccqe1, lookin for study partner... Also does anyone t notes prep questions?

  • SALARIA March 2012

    Hi Joel,
    Any discount by LMCC these days , for MCCQE1 Purchase for 2 month period.
    Best wishes

  • JoelJoel March 2012

    You cab try fallspecial15 and see if this code is still active...

  • doc1 April 2012

    hi, I am looking for study partner thru skype. Pls email me airmily22@gmail.com

  • oreekha June 2012

    Can any one guide me ,from where to study for ethics and canadian Public health and statistics?? And is Lmcc better than Canada Q bank.....?

  • varsha June 2012

    would any one got residency in canada after passing these mccee and qe exams???

  • varsha June 2012

    i heard no one imgs got job in canada...

  • lui July 2012

    Anybody ready to work hard in the MCCQE1 fall 2012 term?....email me luisdr74@yahoo.com

  • zpmed July 2012

    hi.. I am lookind for femae study partner for qe1 fall 2012. I live at mississauga, toronto. If anyone is interested, pl let me know and I can send my email and we can get in touch. Thanks. tc. best of luck

  • moona14 July 2012

    Hi, I am looking for study partner for qe1 fall 2012. I am in Calgary. if anyone is interested, please let me know. Thanks!

  • rsali July 2012

    i am looking for the female study partner for qe1 fall,can use skype

  • rsali July 2012

    hi moona can you use skype??

  • Neurochirurgie September 2012

    Je prépare l'examen d'aptitude 1 en français. Est ce qu'il y a quelqu'un qui veut collaboré par email ou skype. Mon email ancrocco@gmail.com

  • faizshah41 October 2012


    Im planing on taking the QE1 in may, does anyone know of any good prep courses in canada for the QE1 starting in Jan - feb (preferably similar to the kaplan courses for the usmle i.e. live lectures plus workshops, for about 30 days) Please let me know.

  • IMG November 2012

    Hi, I am looking for a study partner via skype. I'm having my MCCQE1 in may 2013. Please let me know, if interested... If someone knows the best source for high score in QE1 would you please let me know :)

  • IMG November 2012

    Dear Joel, would you please advise what is an average score in LMCC for MCCQE1? And what can you advise in order of getting higher score for the actual exam?

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