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New AMC Prep Website - Medical Exams Forum
New AMC Prep Website
  • JoelJoel October 2010

    Great site just launched, best questions online: http://AMCprep.com

  • Inas October 2010

    Hi i am new in this forum I would like to know if there is any prep course for Mccee exam in Toronto

  • avinash December 2010

    i have just graduated in mbbs from dow university of health sciences karachi friends plz suggest me what i do furthure should i apply for amc , usmle or any other exam

  • priya1 March 2011

    hey joel i was wondering about the amcprep website i have just registered for it and all the questions ansa are related to the usa and incidence there.felt like the usmle than the amc. i haven't had one related to australia.please tel me have u used the website was it helpful or do u know anyone who has

  • JoelJoel March 2011

    Thanks for the email. The exam bank for http://AMCprep.com is tailored for the AMC but there are many overlaps in the content. General medical questions are shared as the knowledge is the same in many aspects of medicine around the world but there are specifics and this is reflected in the 3000+ questions that are in the exam bank - if you use this system and go through the detailed explanations - you will definitely be ready - many of the references are also from Australia so you know that the content is current and relevant for the AMC exam - the discount code fallspecial15 is still active is your thinking of using the exam bank (saves you 15%)- good luck!

  • priya1 March 2011

    thanks joel:)that was helpful

  • seni2107 April 2011

    Hi Joel,I am new here.Just came across the amcprep website.Due for the AMC exam in July.Which bank would be the best to purchase?Are all the banks similar-ie 1month,2months etc.
    Is it too late to start now?

  • JoelJoel April 2011

    @seni2107 - thanks for joining the forum- with your exam in july- I would purchase the 3 month package so you can start reviewing sections now and continue until you exam. Make sure you read all the explanations that are on the questions and supplement with some good reading material as a good foundation is key. Good luck!
    Here is a link to the site http://AMCprep.com - let us know how else we can help!

  • seni2107 April 2011

    Thanks Joel.Will keep in touch.Cheers.

  • seni2107 April 2011

    Hi Joel.I would like to know how often the questions are reviewed.Is it updated?

  • JoelJoel April 2011

    @seni2107 - hi, Yes, we just finished the major recent update as of Feb 2011 but we are always reviewing our questions and adding new ones on a regular basis. Thanks!

  • seni2107 April 2011

    Thanks Joel.

  • JoelJoel April 2011

    @seni2107 - no problem, good luck with the studying and we look forward to your feedback regarding http://AMCprep.com

  • gunalan June 2011

    hi THERE i am new here. how do i start discussing for AMC EXAM PART 1.. thanks for any suggestion will be glad if anyone can asssist

  • sadnan707 June 2011

    hi joe
    i want to start amc exam prep i want smart study any one give me suugestion

  • JoelJoel July 2011

    @sadnan707 - glad to help, what specific questions do you have for us? If you visit http://AMCprep.com - some of the answers may be there as well..

  • hi to everyone
    i am planning to apply for eligibility for amc exam ,i have already started prep for amc 1. ,please guide me how can i apply for eligibility which form i have to send and what are the charges and the docments ?

  • cyxau October 2011

    Hi everyone,
    I'm planning to take exam of AMC MCQ exam. Could any one give me advice for where to start. Thanks lot

  • ahmedelokda October 2011

    Does any one know any lecture video like the USMLE step 2 but for AMC MCQ preparation?

  • dr_hill November 2011

    hi everybody on site.....plzzzzz help!!!!
    if sum body clear amc1, then how much timewill it take to start residency in australia.
    plzzzzif sumbody is intersted online stdy discussion. plz do contact at
    or hilal_saidian is my skype id.

  • dr_hill November 2011

    im stdying rite now,
    amc mcqs.and
    for GP ..........john murtagh.
    paeds .......hull
    surgery ......lecture notes
    medicine..... OHCM
    gynae ob......lewlln jones

    will appear in june 2012

  • avni19 December 2011

    I am preparing for amc part 1 for 2012 if anyone interested in group study or online please contact me on my email : avni191183us@yahoo.com


  • avni19 December 2011

    Hi joel i read many comment on amc mcq,is it useful for amc exam?could you please guide me regarding mcq ?

  • sarwar December 2011

    Hi gys, did you have 2011 mcq recall. Pls post it. Thanks

  • jawaad February 2012

    Hi there, I am new to this discussion forum, I have just finished my house job and looking forward to prep for AMC MCQ exam, what books you guys will recommand and how long does it take to prep like a pro for MCQ AMC exam, please do answer thanks

  • ben10 March 2012

    Hi Joel,
    What is the pass percentage of people who are using your question bank for amc-mcq?
    many thanks,

  • DJT April 2012

    do you think the Anthology of medical conditions, handbook of clinical assessment plus amcprep.com be enough for the AMCs?

  • PMH May 2012

    I am planning to appear in AMC Nov. 2012.Does anyone have recall questions of 2011 and 2012
    Could you please tell me from where I can get it.

  • jai May 2012

    hey im preparing 4 amc mcq1.can u pls tell me hows canadian qbank[mccee] 4 amc preparation

  • jsp May 2012

    Hi jai/ Cannada qbank has helped me alot. i did all the questions 1 month b4 my amc exam. It really gave me confidence and made me to manage time. I personally think its the best.

  • Sjd May 2012

    Hi there,I just want to know if anyone has used amcprep for part1mcqs ?& howz the experience, Joel is out of scene,if anyone can help. Thanks

  • Ammar June 2012

    Hi everyone, I am preparing to take the AMC MCQ exam on 2013, the date not fixed yet, and iam asking for an online study partner ?? contact me ammarissam@yahoo.com

  • arafat August 2012

    is there any online qustion bank for AMC 1(Free)?

  • Ally August 2012

    Hi all

    A VERY BASIC QUESTION that would be much appreciated if answered:

    Can someone tell me when is it possible to sit the MCQ's in relation to being a medical student? Ie. Can I sit it straight after graduation from medical school or must you work for some period of time before being able to sit the first part?


  • arafat August 2012

    to Ally,you can sit for exam after your graduation, befor exam you have to do EICS varification.no need job experience.

  • dr_dramc August 2012

    hi eve one
    subscribed recently to amcprep ,i found it great very comprehensive explainations .
    but the only thing i disliked that its not user friendly .i stongly recommend the administration ,that they should review passmedicine .com(which is for MRCP part 1 preparation),that how they made it so easy and user friendly that we can revise it as much time as we want by resetting our score to zero.

  • Doc September 2012

    If you want latest amc mcq recalls and study materials, please search google with Ishfaq Jamal+amc materials.

  • santosh_achwani September 2012

    hiya ppl.. intended to give the AMC MCQ exam in feb 2013.. plz help in sharing latest materials.. add on skype santosh_achwani.... or email santosh_achwani@yahoo.com or call on 9747138567.. interested ppl can contact me on mail/skype/cell number.. and ill get in touch.. i am from mumbai (India).. Thank you.... Santosh..

  • santosh_achwani September 2012

    hiya ppl.. intended to give the AMC MCQ exam in feb 2013.. plz help in sharing latest materials.. add on skype santosh_achwani.... or email santosh_achwani@yahoo.com or call on 9747138567.. interested ppl can contact me on mail/skype/cell number.. and ill get in touch.. i am from mumbai (India).. Thank you.... Santosh..

  • nidakhan October 2012

    did you guys check amcqbank.com
    its very good for amc exam prep.

  • linchi November 2012

    hello people. nice to meet u guys here. wanna prep for amc please where can i see free amc q to download. thankx

  • Doc_ November 2012

    Hello everyone,
    Dr.Jamal's blog has been updated.
    Please note-

    1)materials can now be obtained in printed format also (starting November)
    at a very nominal price.

    2)whole 2012 recalls are now available till October 2012 that is!!!

    3) John Murtagh -5th edition is also available!!

    For more information, follow the blog - http://amcmaterials.blogspot.com.au/
    and email - materials3800@gmail.com

  • Maria1234 May 2013

    Hi all,

    I'm in Melbourne and I'm selling my Anthology of Medical Conditions. It's in very good shape, written notes on only 5 pages, unharmed cover. If you're interested you can contact me on maria.sundstroem@gmail.com.


  • XuneraXunera June 2013

    Hi, can anyone tell me how much time on average is enough for AMC prep if one wants to be very thorough and has a baby too? So i cannot study whole day. Just around 4 to 6 hours a day. How much time i require??

  • semele_chakma October 2013

    Hello, i am new in this site.I want to know about AMC syllabus.

  • gp_amc October 2013

    hi frns.. im new to this site... can u pls tell me wts the pathway? i hv completed my mbbs. n done internship in INDIA.. will i need to repeat my internship there?

  • divs October 2013

    hey , i preparing for 2014 amc exam , pls anyone can provide me 2013 and 2013 old amc recalls
    my mail id is reemxeem@gmail.com...

  • divs October 2013

    i mean amc mcqs...

  • AatishAatish October 2013

    Hey guys,

    is someone kind soul share exam recalls and murtagh please.
    my email is a_raj1@hotmail.com.

    thanks in advance.

  • Farida January 2014

    I will be doing the AMC MCQ exam in March. Which is the best online qbank to prepare?

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