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AMC books list and tips for AMC MCQ and AMC clinical exams. - Medical Exams Forum
AMC books list and tips for AMC MCQ and AMC clinical exams.
  • amcexam April 2012

    Hello everyone!

    I am an IMG working in Australia and have cleared all parts of the AMC exam. I want to help those who are aspiring to take the exam in future. AMC has recommended books for the exam which can be found at


    This list is extensive and has a large number of books. However it is not possible to study all books and remember everything. The most important books are the Handbook and Annotated published by AMC itself for the exam preparation. Doing recalls is another important factor for passing the exam. John Murtagh is a big book and studying everything from that book is not feasible. But this is one of the most important book to refer to while solving recall papers. Toronto notes is also useful if you need additional reading material.

    AMC clinical exam:

    This is a clinical skill exam which comprises clinical skills and communication. The books which can be read is similar to the mcq books but clinical examination videos like Tally O connor and Bates is important for its preparation. In addition it is equally important to study the AMC recommended book for clinical examination and doing recalls from past exams.

    Please let me know if anyone has any query regarding study material or any other query regarding the exam. I am happy to help. Books recommended by AMC is available together with other practice papers for a very small amount to anyone who is interested in purchasing.

    All the best with the exam!

  • amcexam April 2012

    You can direct your enquires to this site or can drop me an email at amc.stuffs@gmail.com if you need any further help.

  • Giota June 2012

    Dear Doctor,

    Congratulations for your success. I am organizing to give AMC MCQ this November. Where I can find recall papers and the Toronto notes?

    Thank you.

  • guest2012 June 2012

    hello there
    i am giving away my AMC MCQ book along with Anthology book for sale plus bunch of notes and recalls for free any intended contact me on doctorikc2008@gmail.com

  • Gelareh July 2012

    Dear Dr (amcexam),
    I'm getting prepared for the MCQ November. Could please tell me how important is the Anthology book? Is it necessary to read it? And some peaple tolld me that Handbook of MCQ and Murtaugh's practice are not enough for passing the exam (especially for passing internal medicine and gynecology). So do you know any other references to study? How about Oxford handbooks? or blueprints? and could you please help me to find Toronto notes?
    my email is g.asadzadeh@gmail.com

    Thanks alot

  • Hi Dr (amcexam),

    Im sending you this mail after seeing your post on the medical
    forums website. Firstly congratulations on your success and thank you
    for the link you provided. I would like to know how i can get the
    recall papers and the toronto notes that you mentioned in your post.
    I also heard that the Canada MCQ's are helpful. What is your take on
    that? Could you also suggest a study plan? How many months of
    preparation did you have before you appeared? Im looking forward to
    giving the exams this year end. Looking forward to you reply. Thank

  • Hi Dr (amcexam)
    I sent you a mail on the mentioned email address. The mails are not getting delivered.Could you kindly reply here or mail me....id - kjmanuprasad@gmail.com

  • Adam August 2012

    Hi All,

    I have complete set of AMC books for sales. I am based in Melbourne CBD. complete set of books are for $300. Total 13 books all together. These are the books recommended by AMC. My contact # 0434 022 662. Thank you

  • Doc August 2012

    For passing the exam, you need correct materials. its that simple.
    If anyone is interested to have the latest AMC exam recalls plus study materials, please visit the blog of Dr.Ishfaq Jamal. You will find the best materials at the cheapest price.
    search google with- Ishfaq Jamal+amc materials.

  • Doc September 2012

    If you want latest amc mcq recalls and study materials, please search google with Ishfaq Jamal+amc materials.

  • santosh_achwani September 2012

    hiya ppl.. intended to give the AMC MCQ exam in feb 2013.. plz help in sharing latest materials.. add on skype santosh_achwani.... or email santosh_achwani@yahoo.com or call on 9747138567.. interested ppl can contact me on mail/skype/cell number.. and ill get in touch.. i am from mumbai (India).. Thank you.... Santosh..

  • Salam23 September 2012

    Attention my dear fellow docs, this guy named "dr Ishfaq jamal " and "amcmaterials.blogspot.com.au" is a fraud. Please be careful. You will land in problems like I was. I cant believe doctors stooping to such low levels.
    AMC considers copyright infringement seriously which may lead to jail.
    Stay away from him and save yourself.

  • sumit September 2012

    Excuse me Mr.Salam23- I think you are churning out your personal vendetta for no reason. I followed this forum and got materials from Dr.Jamal. Not only are they helpful, the doctor is a wonderful person and he answers questions as well related to the exam as well as preparation.
    Rather i had paid money to a guy called Rahuldev944 or something whose real name is ravi teja and he turned out to be a complete joker. he has a picture of RACGP on his blog called "http://amchandbook.blogspot.ca/"
    I was fooled by that and paid money but received no materials whatsoever!
    As for the AMC exam, i don't know who you are or why you are shouting...but we all know that recalls are the way to pass the exams!!
    Please don't foul mouth those who are really trying to help IMGs. If you cannot help others, please stay away, but don't try to play dog in the manger.

  • rodius September 2012

    My following post refers to the use of recall papers (not to copyrighted books, which the VMPF notes ARE NOT).

    I have to disagree with Mr Salam.
    We don't have to stay away from him, cuz getting the material is not infringement per se. The infringer is/was the person who transcribed the actual test questions, which is illegal. We are not at fault. Jamal may be though. But that is his prerogative.

    Several points on this:
    1. I've done the AMC test and Ive read and signed the letter they make you sign and also read the Australian Medical Council comment on the use of recalls, which states that is illegal to release the material (though not to obtain it).

    2. The AMC has a formal comment on the use of recalls, which they call reconstructed papers, which says something like: is dangerous to use it since a lot of the times is wrongly recalled and/or answered; something I hope we all know.

    3. I've done the VMPF Bridging course and they sold me the same recall papers; actually we all have recalls because of them, but this is something I prefer to leave at that. So how can it be illegal if the Victorian Medical Postgraduate Foundation was making them a part of their bridging course? Probably it was wrong for them to do it (hence why they are trying to get rid of that system they had?), but we were completely free of any wrong doing.

    So please stop spreading misinformation; there is plenty of that going on around the AMC examinations.

    For the rest we should do our best effort to purchase the copyrighted material lie Murtagh, etc, since its the right thing to do. However its amazing how much this ends up costing us (someone should do the math one day)....

    I have no problem to come out and speak about it, since all the material I bought from Jamal, was already sold to me by the VMPF (that minues the 2012 recalls taht I wanted to see), so there is absolutely no problem there, but for the rest of you guys, dont even stick your head out, who knows who this Salam23 really is.

    Lastly if anyone doubts the AMC position, you are invited to download from the www.amc.org.au webpage the document called: MCQ Examination Specifications Booklet, available at this link:

    Here is the quote I that I was talking about:

    The AMC is aware that MCQ examination papers which are circulated are
    claimed to be accurate reproductions of AMC MCQ examination papers.
    Candidates should exercise care when using these reconstructed papers.
    The AMC has been provided with copies of these papers and has found the
    question stems and responses to be incorrect. Candidates who base their
    preparation on such reconstructed papers may have a distorted impression
    of the format and content of the actual multiple choice questions used in
    the AMC examination.

    So thanks for the warning Salam23 but you better go somewhere else with the scare tactics.

    Personally I think is wrong to do the recalls, but then again, I find myself in disadvantage if everyone do them, has access to them and I go to the exam like some "tourist" just to find out the very peculiar questioning from the AMC. If the process was streamlined like the Canadian with the Toronto Notes or the Americans with their USMLE Kaplan etc etc courses, you could argue more severely against the use of recalls.

    But even my wife, an Australian doctor, used recalls for her physicians exam, which everyone used in the different hospitals, as a guide to know what to expect and how to study.

    And a final historic note: back in the early 2000's (or so goes the legend given during the VMPF course), IMGs were being so idiotic as to remember the exact answers because the AMC was using such a small bank of questions that sometimes you could even just remember that the answer to the question of a patient traveling back from Malaysia was "C", instead of Giardiasis. That's how bad the situation used to be and how mediocre the recalls can make you if the system also allows it.

    So it is understandable the AMC wants to exercise their copyright, after all, its it bloody difficult to make these questions up, but its Jamal who is in the line, not us.

  • julian September 2012

    Hi guys specially Rodius for doing a wonderful job in keeping IMGs like me informed about the scenario here.
    From his posts i had come to know of this guy Dr.Ishfaq Jamal and asked him for the extensive package. I received it and he was true to his words regarding the contents.
    Trust me guys it is worth every penny spent.
    this guy salam23 is a clown i think in saying the doctor duped him,maybe its the other way round as far as my experience goes.
    Anyways,I put in a few words as i am very happy with the contents of the package.

  • julian September 2012

    Thanks a lot rodius!! Hey please answer this qn..i have my doubts about this!

    an old woman with sudden back pain due to lift a heavy box . there is point tenderness in her back What’s next step?
    a) Bone densitometery
    b) Bone Scan
    c) CT
    d) MRI
    evryone is invited to answer with their explanations pls..

  • kjmanuprasad September 2012


  • green123 September 2012

    Hi Dr's, I am looking for a study partner for AMC MCQ Part One, I live in Brisbane. My Tel# +61732058554 Mobile # +61452601660; E-mail doctornoor14@yahoo.com.au. We can catch up on Skype/Yahoo messenger as well.
    Dr Noor-E-Mohammad

  • rodius September 2012

    ok, Ive come back to edit my answer since clearly I was wrong. Sorry fellas for wasting ur time.

    I would pick A.
    (still think the same about MRI, is the BEST option, not the NEXT option).

  • julian September 2012

    I don't agree with Rodius on this! Even if its osteoporosis as you suggest,it should be Bone densitometry, why bone scan? Bone scan is a radionuclide scan that takes quite a long time.
    Nowadays, they provide MRI for GPs also in Australia and as JM or VMPF both suggest- we can go for it as 1st step or best step as the case may require.
    Point tenderness suggests disc prolapse - i was with D, but some friends suggesting A!! Thus confused!!
    Rodius-can you please restructure your mcq with the options mate? That looks like a good mcq, but couldn't understand well.

  • rodius September 2012

    aww man!! let me look this one up on the recalls then. Hope I didnt write a bunch of stuff and just ended up being wrong :-(

    I'll look tomorrow through the recalls and if I dont find it, it has to come up in the next 2 weeks since I will be doing them all soon.

    Hmm Julian, what do you mean with "restructure your mcq with the options"?

  • rodius September 2012

    OK I dont think we will all pick the same answer. Sometimes this even happened during the course too; and if you want the discussions and arguments can go on and on. Tutors used to be like: listen, Ive given you the VMPF answer and we have access to the actual answers, so take it or leave it. :-(

    I agree with Julian (I was wrong and sorry for wasting ur time) that the answer has to be between A or D (densitometry or MRI).

    But Julian, they are asking NEXT. I would NEVER answer NEXT if its not a very clear scenario of needing MRI. I know the GP's have MRI's and that MRI access is "better", but still the AMC wants to make sure the IMGs dont come here to diagnose everything with expensive tests and that is why they like putting the CT or MRI options, because a lot of the time, even experienced doctors would pick them and at the end of the they MRI or CT is the right answer but just not for the test.

    My answer would be A, unless the woman had neuro symptoms, then I would pick MRI.
    Anyway, look on the recall of May 2011, Q78 is answer as bone densitometry.

    However, Feb 2011 has this question:
    25. A 80 y/o woman who tried to open a window had sudden severe back
    pain, X-Ray showed vertebral collapse. What would be your next step in
    a) Bone densitometry
    b) Bone scan
    c) MRI
    d) CT

    Here they answered MRI.
    I know there is also some tips when it comes to the word after NEXT or BEST. Whats is the next step to diagnose or what is next to treat (management, meaning management = diagnosis + treatment). So its all a bit also about having the correct stem. Someone might have the access to the AMC real answers but with the wrong question, that just puts you in trouble.

  • julian September 2012

    ahh..thats really great from you rodius!! you are such nice in explaining man and giving the references too!
    Your last mcq couldnt be understood..thus had asked you to complete it..like this one that you did..25 one..!! thanks man!! awaiting further clarification boss rodius!

  • kjmanuprasad September 2012

    Totally agree with you Julian "Boss Rodius ".

  • rodius September 2012

    hahahaha, thanks guys but Im not the boss even in my own house (a saying from my country). Besides it was Julian who spotted my mistake with the question and we havent figure out 100% this MRI vs Densitometry. I still want to see this question on recalls before 2011, the recalls I solved while being on the VMPF, only then would I be happy with the answer.

    Let me throw you guys a couple of curves (tricky questions, we solved on the VMPF.... or didnt solve; some took like 1 hour of arguing with the tutor because we couldnt understand the answer and then another tutor gave us another answer, so just because it comes from an VMPF tutor doesnt mean its the right answer.... as if it wasnt complicated enough).

    But I will open a new thread, this thing of using one hello thread to ask about material for the AMC and then using a thread about material for the AMC to ask for study partners makes this forum too messy.

  • Doc October 2012

    A few words as put in by few of my beloved students about the materials...
    1- Hi doc,i got d books, thanx a lot!
    will b in touch regarding skype class enrolment .Dr.Hashmi..(Australia)
    2- Thanks For your help and your advices Dr Jamal. I will follow your advices. ...
    Dr.Gilles (France)
    3- Thanks for all the material you provided. In future, if I need any help, I will ask for help, as you said earlier. Dr.Ajmal (Australia)
    4- The materials are amazing and the whole transaction took less than 1hour to complete!Amazing!! Dr.Julian (Canada)
    5- Thanks so much for being there doctor. You answered my queries too regarding the exam and preparations. Will recommend you to other people as well.
    Dr.Vicky (India)
    6- God, It was my 3rd attempt at IELTS, thanks to your materials. I aced it this time!
    7- You are a gem! Your blog is amazing and the materials just tailor made for the exam it seems. They are worth every penny doctor. I was robbed off last time by a crook, but with you i really am proud to make this decision of going for your materials. Thanks a lot once more Dr.jamal.
    Dr.Sumit (India)

    Thanks to all the doctors who have taken the packages and best of luck to them for the exam. For people who are interested to get them, please ask Dr.Jamal at materials3800@gmail.com

  • aarjantarzan February 2013

    hello everyone...............

    i finished kaplan notes and videos, murtagh, annotated mcq, handbook of mcq and anthology of medical condition....exam is so near just 2 months left......should i do more recalls????...i am frustated.....not being able to have confidence.....what should i do.....??..help help help!!!!......where do i find solved recalls????..plz anybody if u have solved recalls mail me at aarjantarzan@hotmail.com.........i will pay u as soon as i take my exams....i promise!!!!..cheers!!!

  • Maria1234 May 2013

    Hi all,

    I'm in Melbourne and I'm selling my Anthology of Medical Conditions. It's in very good shape, written notes on only 5 pages, unharmed cover. If you're interested you can contact me on maria.sundstroem@gmail.com.


  • reshrafi June 2013

    Hi am preparing for AMC part 1.. I saw dis site amcdatas.blogspot.com in which dey provide complete package of AMC materials .. I would like to know if it is worth... How is it compared to dr.Isfaq materials..has anyone got materials from d AMC data blog... Pl do reply

  • reshrafi June 2013

    Pl mail me at dr.reshrafi@yahoo.in

  • zqtanolii June 2013


    hope that u ppl trust us.

  • drmissey July 2013

    Hi guys is der anyone in hyderabad, india preparing for amc. Plz contact me on my no. 07801008225.

  • docreddys July 2013

    hi you from hyderabad .....me tooo. contact me on my email

  • mariet July 2013

    Hi i am mariet from egypt prepating for amc plz contact me

  • raida November 2013

    Hi friends I need more information about amc qbank (www.amcqbank.com) if any one of you have used it. I heard it containss very essentials for amc mcq exam prep. Please comment.

  • Anit85 November 2013

    Can someone recommend to study with Toronto Notes for the MCQ exam? Does someone has experience with it for the exams? Thanks for advices.

  • raida November 2013

    i recommend not using toronto notes as one of my close friend used them and did not find those helpful in amc mcq exam.

    I heard alot about amc qbank (www.amcqbank.com) that it contains only amc related stuff-i am going to purchase it for my exam.
    Does any body have amc recalls for 2013?

  • mariet November 2013

    good luck

  • himaleko November 2013

    hi everyone i need recalls am taking AMC MCQ april2014

  • drmissey January 2014

    Hii everyone, i am planning to write amc 1 mostly in june2014, i would like to know wat all books n material i need to study.

  • drarun February 2014

    any one preparing n bengaluru

  • sonibd February 2014

    Hi everyone , i am going to sit for amc clininal exam march 15th 2014 .can anyone please send me some 2014 recall questions . my email address is sonibd@hotmail.com.
    hope i will get soon..

  • binvas February 2014

    Hi. I m planning to take amc exam ths yr.how many months do u need fr preparation and can i get stuff like past paper mcqs for pratice thro email...getbindhya@gmail com. Pls help.

  • Loveleen February 2014

    if anyone have past recalls please mail me at lloveleen81@gmail.com..ur help can prove a great help for me..

  • drhonganh March 2014

    Hi all guys! I'm going to take an AMC programs so anyone have complete set of AMC books used which can be sell to me. My great respect pls contact at honganhdtha@yahoo.com

  • hi.can someone help me with oet material? also can someone tell any online cheap site to buy amc2 handbook? I am in Brisbane. I will really appreciate your help

  • prachi_shete March 2014

    Hi can you please kindly share your study material with me. I'm starting to prepare the AMC now.My email ID is prachi_shete007@yahoo.co.in

  • Deep1982 April 2014

    Hi there
    Anybody selling or giving away their Amc Mcq preparation material,
    Will be a big help if I can purchase or gave it. Also, I would be greatly if somebody is ready for study partnership. I live in Brisbane. Contact me on
    0433422130/ deepakarora82@yahoo.com

  • sehar May 2014

    hi everyone mnew here ,dont understand y to buy material from otherpeople ,there is no proper website authentic tobuy pastpapers orsolve mcqs,anyone can guide meplz thanks

  • sehar May 2014

    my email add is sehar.sind@yahoo.com

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